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Cryptids and Coffee The Tripodero

The Tripodero hails from the chaparral forests of Southern California. As its name alludes, the creature stands on three limbs, two thin telescopic legs, a kangaroo like tail, and is fashioned in a stance like a tripod. The anatomy of the Tripodero’s legs gives this creature the ability to vertically elevate at will through the thicket of the chaparral floor and rise above to view potential prey. The Tripedro is small, stealthy, and stout. Its snout stretches over its head to quickly devour food and store small pellets of hardened clay gathered from the chaparral floor.

The chaparral forests are mostly fixed on slopes and ridges, giving the Tripedro a sight advantage. When it acquires a target, the Tripodero will use a round of clay stored in its snout and, with a sitting motion, project the hard clay at its victim to render it unconscious. Once the victim is clearly down, the Tripodero will contract its legs, descend the ridgeside, and eat its prey until the last bone is gone.

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