Jersey Devil Decaf

Jersey Devil Decaf in its natural habitat. Calm, collected, moisturized, thriving.

Also, what even is a Jersey Devil(???)
Our magazine Coffee & Cryptids can tell you about the Jersey Devil and a plethora of other cryptids, as well as what’s new in our world of coffee!

Its easy to get complacent with decaf coffee. If it tastes like coffee and won’t keep you up all night or give you the jitters, some people will count that as a “W” and move along.

But as you may know by now, we’re not just “some people”, we’re some people who are really serious about our coffee, and “good enough” just isn’t in our vocabulary.

We sampled a few decaf varieties and weren’t especially impressed with what we had found, until this exquisite Brazilian decaf hit our cups. It was immediately difficult for us to find fault with Jersey Devil Decaf and some of our other delicious, traditional medium roasts like Cafe de Chupacabra and Goblin Grog.

Our Jersey Devil Decaf is nutty and rich with an hint of sweetness and a clean finish. Its a perfect match for a late night dessert or a late afternoon chat with a friend at your local coffee shop. It’s everything coffee should be, minus the caffeine.

Pick up a bag today and find out for yourself! And don’t forget to try all our other delicious coffees as well.