Jackalope Joe (Ethiopia Kembata)- 12 oz Whole Bean Coffee This full and rich medium roast has strong notes of blueberry with hints of strawberry, cacao, and a slight nuttiness. Smooth with a clean finish. 100% Roasted Arabica Bean Coffee From Mountain Town Coffee Roasting

Jackalope Joe

From the moment we took our first sip of what we would later dub “Jackalope Joe“, we knew we had something special on our hands. We couldn’t wait to share it with our friends and co-workers. People who would normally never leave a cup of coffee black were drinking the entire cup without hesitation. It changed our whole perspective on how good we thought coffee could be.

Map of Ethiopia
Our Jackalope Joe begins its life in the Kembata Tombaro region of Ethiopia, about 170 miles south by southwest from the capital, Addis Ababa.

East African varieties of coffee are renowned for their fruity and floral taste. And while we don’t claim to have tried every single variety of East African coffee to test this theory, we can tell you that the Ethiopian Kembata bean used in our Jackalope Joe is the most fruity and flavorful bean we’ve ever tasted. Its our best seller online, in stores, and as the featured drip coffee at the Ellijay Coffee House, so our customers seem to agree with us too. Its got a subtle but unmistakable note of blueberry that is unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. The raw beans have a very distinctive and pungent smell as well, earthy and fruity with that blueberry scent in a starring role.

Our Master Roaster Connor roasting and bagging our signature Jackalope Joe
Connor roasting some Jackalope Joe

Our priority as a roaster is freshness, and getting our coffee to our customers as early as possible after roasting to let them experience the freshest and most flavorful coffee around. We like to keep our roasts on the lighter side of medium for this reason. A light-medium roast maintains the natural flavors of the bean as much as possible, and getting it into your hands as a customer as soon as possible maximizes how much of that flavor you get to experience at home.

Our Jackalope Joe is demonstrative of why preserving the natural flavors of the bean is so important. We’ve experimented with some darker variations of Joe, but we tend to come away somewhat disappointed with the results. It still comes out as a great cup of coffee, don’t get us wrong. But the darker we go, the more that blueberry identity fades into the mix of the chocolatey and caramel flavors characteristic of darker roasts. So we have stuck to the roast that made us fall in love with this bean to begin with, and we think you’ll love it to.

So try our Jackalope Joe now! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

And because Jackalope Joe plays so well with the other cryptids, we’ve also used our Ethiopian Kembata bean in several of our blends, Bigfoot Brew and Sasquatch Select.

Bigfoot Brew is a 50/50 blend with our Bali Blue Moon bean, the star of our Goblin Grog. We’ve recently been using this blend for cold brew and its got a perfectly sweet and smooth flavor that you’ll be drinking all summer long.

Sasquatch Select is a 60/40 blend of Ethiopia Kembata and Chiapas Turquesa. Its a sweet and savory blend that makes for an excellent cold brew as well.

And if you like East African coffees, try our A Squonk Supreme roast, featuring our new Rwandan Abakundakawa bean.

Try ’em all and let us know which is your favorite! We’d love to hear from you on our Instagram.

A delicious bag of Jackalope Joe coffee
Jackalope Joe in its natural habitat (our tasting room)
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