Glowing Redeye

The La Minita Estate in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica is the home of some of the world’s most well highly rated and sought after coffee. Its smoother than a Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas collaboration, and packs a milk-chocolatey flavor that even the pickiest of coffee snobs can’t put down. We knew this was the perfect bean to christen as our Glowing Redeye.

The Tarrazu region where La Minita originates lies about 20 miles south of the capital San Jose, just northwest of the Quetzales national park

Every coffee parcel in the region boasts its own unique micro-climate, setting it apart from its neighboring farms. Each batch of coffee is milled individually from the meticulously handpicked fully-ripened cherries. The farm employs renowned manual gardening techniques, and every part of the process is performed by hand by highly skilled workers.

La Minita coffee flourishes with exquisite honeysuckle-like blossoms following the initial rainfall. Widely regarded as one of the finest coffee sources worldwide, this coffee carries the Rainforest Certified Alliance certification, ensuring a better quality of life for workers and environmental sustainability. Such benefits include improved infrastructure, sustainable ecosystem practices, agricultural education, and gender equality initiatives.

Our Master Roaster Connor roasting and bagging our signature Jackalope Joe
Connor roasting some Glowing Redeye

Our priority as a roaster is freshness, and getting our coffee to our customers as early as possible after roasting to let them experience the freshest and most flavorful coffee around. We like to keep our roasts on the lighter side of medium for this reason. A light-medium roast maintains the natural flavors of the bean as much as possible, and getting it into your hands as a customer as soon as possible maximizes how much of that flavor you get to experience at home.

Our Glowing Redeye is a perfect example of why preserving the natural flavors of the bean is so important. When you brew yourself a cup of this exceptional La Minita, the remarkable peculiarities of this bean shine through. It possesses a splendid acidity, a medium body, and delightful notes of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and exquisite chocolate. This coffee showcases impeccable balance and concludes with a long, satisfying finish.

So try our Glowing Redeye now! We promise you won’t be disappointed.And don’t forget to try the rest of our cryptid coffees while you’re here!

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And we can’t forget Jackalope Joe, its a staff favorite around these parts. Try ’em all and let us know which is your favorite! We’d love to hear from you on our Instagram.

A bag of Glowing Redeye activating its camouflage to avoid detection
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