A Squonk Supreme

There are few creatures as intriguing and elusive as the Squonk, a mythical creature from the Hemlock Forests of Pennsylvania. The Squonk is said to have loose “misfitting skin” and is covered in warts and moles. Most likely due to its physical discomfort, the Squonk has been known to cry so much that its body dissolves into an acid puddle of tears.

Hunters and hikers always see when the Squonk is close because they can track the beast by its slime trail of sad salty tears. When threatened, the Squonk’s escape route is to end its own life by dissolving itself into liquid and slime.

According to legend, a hunter in Mont Alto, Pennsylvania managed to catch a squonk by mimicking its cries and coaxing it into a sack. The hunter threw the Squonk in the bag over his shoulder and began journeying home to show the world what he had caught. Before he could make it back, though, he realized that the sack was getting lighter and lighter, and the weeps of the Squonk grew quieter and quieter. When he stopped to investigate, he opened the bag, and all that was left were wet, bubbling tears.

The Squonk with its well known melancholic nature and ability to dissolve into tears, has captured the imagination of storytellers and artists for generations. However, its presence doesn’t end there. Here at Mountain Town Coffee Roasting, we have harnessed the essence of the Squonk to create a coffee roast that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also celebrates its rich tapestry of pop culture.

While the Squonk may not be as widely recognized as other cryptids, its unique qualities have earned it a special place in various forms of media. From literature to music and even gaming, the Squonk has left its mark.

In literature, the Squonk has appeared often as a symbol of sorrow and vulnerability. Its tearful nature has been a source of inspiration for authors exploring themes of melancholy and the human condition. Musicians, too, have drawn inspiration from the Squonk. Genesis immortalized the creature in their iconic song “Squonk”, as well as Steely Dan with their song “Any Major Dude Will Tell You”.

Our goal at Mountain Town Coffee Roasting is to roast exceptional coffee and artfully embrace the mythical allure of the Squonk. Drawing inspiration from the creature’s legendary tears, we have roasted a coffee that encapsulates its essence.

A Squonk Supreme is a medium-bodied Rwandan coffee that delivers a fusion of flavors. With hints of pineapple, lemon verbena, grapefruit, berry, and honey, it offers a mesmerizing taste experience. Just like the Squonk’s tears, this bean evokes a sense of despondency that mingles with the joy of a perfectly brewed cup, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. Next time you seek a truly exceptional cup of coffee, embrace the mystique of A Squonk Supreme.

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